E-twow GT Sport

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Ultra-light electric scooter made for convenient transport in a city. A 700 W power, top speed of 46 km/h, maximum range of 35 km and wholly maintenance-free operation. In principle, all you need to do is to charge it and ride it.

E-twow GT Sport

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If you are looking for a light urban model capable of sharply accelerating at the time you need it most, then the E-TWOW GT Sport scooter is right for you. This model does not make compromises and excels in every possible way. It offers great performance and high top speed. At the same time, it is ultra-light, very compact and incredibly easy to handle. Moreover, it is very comfortable and excels by several technological features, such as the electromagnetic brake with the KERS system, support for the E-TWOW Connect smart app and puncture-resistant wheels. The E-Twow GT Sport electric scooter is simply a strong player in the field of ultralight performance scooters.



Use and practicality

The GT Sport model has been clearly built for the urban environment. Its light body weighing just 13 kg guarantees first-class maneuverability and easy handling. You don't have to worry about poorly maintained sidewalks or getting a puncture while riding fast. This model features airless wheels made of a patented material, with nothing standing in their way. For the manufacturer to ensure perfect comfort under these conditions, the wheels on the front and rear axle are both suspended. With its handy dimensions (1060 x 330 x 146 cm) and favorable weight (13 kg), you can fold this scooter in 10 seconds, after which it will fit almost anywhere. However, its most practical aspect is definitely being maintenance-free. In principle, all you need to do is to charge it and ride it. If you decide to give it proper service, it will serve you at 100% for a very long time. That is why we recommend it, especially when your priority is to have least scooter-related problems.


Power and range

With an output of 700 W and weight of only 13 kg, we are talking a truly swift machine. After all, this output/weight ratio speaks for itself and allows the GT Sport model reaching a top speed of 46 km/h. Therefore, heavier riders of up to 110 kg in weight will also enjoy its full performance, with the scooter providing sufficient torque when riding uphill. The Li-Ion Samsung batteries ensure above-standard range. These batteries use 48 V voltage and provide 9.6 Ah capacity, which corresponds to 460.8 Wh of stored energy. Meaning, you will enjoy a great range of up to 35 km.



E-TWOW Connect

The E-TWOW Connect app allows you to remain always in touch with your scooter. Just connect to it via Bluetooth and use your smartphone to instantly control all the important functions of your scooter. These include, for instance, adjusting the lights, locking the scooter or the kick-start functionality. However, the most important thing is the speed limit setting that is available with the GT Sport model. With this limit setting, you can enjoy a smooth and, in particular, comfortable ride.



Although the GT Sport model looks very sporty at first glance, therefore giving the impression of not being good in providing comfort, the opposite is true. The high-quality front and rear wheel suspension takes care of your comfortable ride. With this suspension, you do not have to worry about uneven surface or potholes. The springs are easily replaceable (we recommend 3000 km) and the rear spring comes with adjustable pre-stress allowing you to adjust it to the rider's weight and thus also change the scooter's ground clearance. In addition to the rider's weight, the scooter can also adapt to the rider's height thanks to its height-adjustable steering rod. However, it is also important to mention deck improvements. The deck is longer than other models in this category, thus providing bigger space for rider's feet and better stability. It is also fitted with a new, easy-to-clean silicone surface. Coming on top of all of that, the GT Sport model has an improved folding system with the folding lever secured by a magnet, thanks to which you will have your scooter folded within 10 seconds.




The patented airless tires are the first and very important safety feature of the E-TWOW GT Sport. Thanks to them, you do not have to worry about road condition as it is impossible to get a puncture. Plus, they last thousands of kilometers and provide great grip. Statistically, they will save you at least 1 puncture a month. This will naturally ease the pressure on your wallet and spare you of many worries associated with maintaining the wheels. However, the scooter's biggest attraction are undoubtedly the brakes. There is an electromagnetic brake on the front axle capable of recovering energy and efficiently recharging the batteries. There is an independent mechanical drum brake on the rear axle that takes care of slowing down the scooter. It is controlled by a brake lever located directly on the handlebars as you know it when riding a bicycle. The final safety feature is the integrated, sensor-operated automatic light. It makes sure that the lights turn on automatically at dusk or at night. Naturally, you can also set the lights by using the aforementioned E-TWOW Connect app.




With this model, the design does not attempt to pretend anything. Since this is a fast city scooter, it is the functionality that the most important thing. That is why the manufacturer put emphasis on minimalism and industrial look that nicely matches the urban environment. The cabling is integrated directly into the scooter body and does not create unnecessary clutter. The scooter is very light and easy-to-store, which often gives the impression that it is not even an electric scooter. The display, its controls, and the headlights are elegantly positioned as to be always at hand while riding and complete the overall modern look.




We are the exclusive distributor and dealer of the E-Twow brand in Slovakia, Czechia and Ukraine. We provide direct warranty and post-warranty servicing, which is arranged at our stores in Prague, Brno, Bratislava and Uzhhorod. We keep most spare parts in stock and we are the only certified provider of warranty and post-warranty repairs. Therefore, when buying this scooter, you do not have to worry about servicing or unavailability of spare parts. Thanks to representing the manufacturer directly, we can handle difficult repairs or diagnostics. We maintain excellent and above-standard relations with E-Twow and our technicians are trained directly at the production plant, which is why we can provide fast warranty and post-warranty service. Moreover, the scooters do not have to be sent for inspection half-way across the globe.


About the brand

The E-Twow is one of the oldest electric scooter brands in the world. They’ve been producing electric scooters for ten years. It is one of the few brands based in Europe, namely in Germany (near Stuttgart) and also in Romania. The brand was founded by Dr. Sorin Sirbu who continues to personally supervise the production taking place in China (which is also the case with other scooter brands). The amazing thing about E-Twow is that even after ten years they keep pursuing their original goal – to produce the best ultra-light electric city scooters. It is perhaps thanks to the fact that they didn’t get lured into new segments and keep improving their scooters that with each passing year these scooters get always a little better and more reliable. By gradual evolution, they came up with models that have no competition in the world and are unbeatable in terms of weight / performance / comfort / foldability ratio. They are sold in more than 40 countries, while the company also focuses on environmental aspects of its production. We have maintained excellent relationships with E-Twow for many years and we see them working with enthusiasm and conviction to achieve environmental-friendly personal electromobility that makes sense.

Ease of maintenance
46 km/h
13 kg
700 W
35 km
Rear suspension
Front brake
Front suspension
Front engine
Rear brake
City Friendly
Cruise controll
Front light
Rear light
Low weight
Great value for price
Multiple colors
Well foldable
Max Blinker recommends
Data sheet
Performance parameters
Feature Value as provided by manufacturer Max Blinker independent measurement Rating
Weight with battery 13 kg Waiting for test
Charging time 4 h Waiting for test
Maximum speed before unlocking 25 km/h Waiting for test
Max. design speed 46 km/h Waiting for test
Peak Power 700 W Waiting for test
Range 35 km Waiting for test
Data sheet
Other parameters
Feature Value as provided by manufacturer
      Length 113 cm  
      Height 116,7 cm  
      Width 38,6 cm  
      Length folded 106 cm  
      Height folded 33 cm  
      Width folded 14,6 cm  
      Engine type brushless (BLDC) in the wheel  
      Battery type Li-Ion  
      Battery manufacturer Samsung cells  
      Battery voltage 48 V  
      Battery capacity 9,6 Ah  
      Battery energy 460,8 Wh  
      Cruise Control yes  
      Speed limiter yes  
      Drivetrain front drive  
      Front brake recuperational  
      Rear brake drum  
      Front wheel type solid  
      Front wheel diameter 8"  
      Rear wheel type solid  
      Rear wheel diameter 8"  
      Suspension front and rear  
      Front suspension spring  
      Rear suspension spring  
      Light front, rear and brake  
      Max. load 110 kg  
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