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Largest state-of-the-art electric scooter
service center in Europe

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What makes our service center world-class?

  • The only authorized service center
    for over 20 brands

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    The only authorized service center for over 20 brands

    Max Blinker has been authorized by more than 20 brands producing electric scooters and personal electromobility products. This means we have an under-one-roof team possessing unique experience and expertise in these amazing means of transport. Diagnostics and repairs are our daily bread and you will hardly find a problem that we have not already successfully solved.

  • We will pick up the vehicle at your home wherever you are in Europe

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    We will pick up the vehicle at your home wherever you are in Europe

    Service at your home is the best thing you may ask for. No more traveling by public transport with a broken-down vehicle or getting stuck in the traffic jams plaguing your city. Indulge yourselves and let our couriers to pick up your vehicle and wait in those traffic jams, only to bring it back repaired to your door in a few days time.

  • Training and technical support straight from the factory

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    Training and technical support straight from the factory

    We have in-depth knowledge of scooters and other vehicles, down to the last screw. However, we also know in person the people who develop, test and manufacture them. We have a personal relationship with each of over 20 brands in our portfolio and we know people who are behind these brands. That is why we are trained and enjoy technical support straight from the factory. This is a genuine advantage only Max Blinker enjoys.

  • 5 000+ repaired scooters 400 m2, 10 000+ original parts

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    5 000+ repaired scooters 400 m2, 10 000+ original parts

    Numbers and satisfied customers speak for us. On average, we have more than ten thousand original spare parts in stock. If necessary, we are able to get missing parts directly from the factory and have them delivered by air. We repair thousands of scooters and other personal electromobility vehicles in Max Blinker’s service supercenter spanning the area of over 400 m2.

  • Guaranteed timely repair and service logbook

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    Guaranteed timely repair and service logbook

    If we promise you a repair deadline, we keep it. We understand that no one wants to wait months for a repair or spare parts. If we fail to meet the agreed deadline due to our fault, we will not charge you for our servicing work since we do not deserve your money. We are the first in the world to create a unique service logbook for each repair. This means that you have the records of all repairs, used spare parts or defects stored in one place. And yes, you can even record your own servicing performed at home to this logbook. When the time comes to sell your vehicle, it will have a much higher value thanks to these service records.

  • Extended
    Max Care warranty

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    Extended Max Care warranty

    Max holds a few world records, but this is one of the best. If you happen to damage your new scooter in the first 30 days, we will repair it free of charge, no unnecessary questions asked.* Only we can offer you this kind of maximum care, thanks to our service supercenter and a team of experienced professionals. All our customers receive this service absolutely free in the first 30 days since we wish them to be able to enjoy their purchase without unnecessary worries. The best ride is the one without worries! That is why Max Care is here, the only worry-free extended warranty and free service for personal electromobility equipment in Europe.

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Welcome to Max Blinker service center

Electric scooters and other personal electromobility vehicles are no toys or ordinary consumer electronics products. First and foremost, they are a transport means capable of achieving fast speeds. That is why they deserve regular servicing and inspections very much like cars or motorcycles do.

If your TV breaks down, all that happens is that you won't be able to watch a Netflix series. However, if your personal vehicle breaks down, you may be late for a meeting or it may put your health at risk. You only have one health and we understand that. That is why we built our service supercenter. When it comes to service or your health, there really is no room for compromise.

Entrust your scooter to our professionals who are directly supported by manufacturers. We do service as if we were to entrust our own lives to your vehicle once the service is done.

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400+ m2
Service center area
10 000+
Spare parts
5 000+
Repaired scooters
Ready for a tour?

Max Blinker is the world's most recommended
electric scooter service center by the manufacturers themselves

The biggest makers, such as Dualtron, Inokim, Nami, Vsett, Teverun, Inmotion, E-Twow, Kaabo and many others, recommend having your vehicles serviced by us.
We enjoy very close and above-standard relations with manufacturers, which is why we are able to guarantee the absolute service quality and support straight from the production.
We have thousands of satisfied customers throughout Europe with the best customer support and service.

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Personal recommendations
by the very owners of
biggest brands

European service

When it comes to service, there is no room for compromise. That is why we built the largest state-of-the-art service supercenter that takes care of electric scooters and personal electromobility vehicles made by over 20 brands. All this with direct support from manufacturers who help us to diagnose the most complicated cases.

We have more than 10 000 original parts in stock, we perform special diagnostics of batteries and electronics and we do service as if we ourselves were to ride the repaired vehicles to the Max. That is why you can trust us without worries. We think both ecologically and economically. Therefore, we not only replace but also repair electronic components where it makes sense.

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10 000+ original
parts in stock
Special battery
diagnostics and service
Warranty and post-warranty repairs and advice
Damage repair absolutely
free with Max Care*

These premises are very
suitable for concentrating on quality repairs.
Take a video tour.

Largest warehouse of spare parts for over 20 brands in all of Europe

You can have as many service professionals as you want but unless you have a broad enough inventory of spare parts and components for them, they will be powerless. Even the best mechanic or electrician cannot repair certain damaged parts and simply has to replace them. If they are not in stock, it can take months to receive them. Our mission is to have as many as possible mobile people who love riding electric scooters and other electric personal mobility vehicles. To be able to ride them and not having to wait for them to arrive back from a service shop. That is why our highest priority is to allow you to get back to riding as soon as possible.

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More than 10 000 spare
parts in stock
Training and technical support
straight from manufacturers
Guaranteed repair
within the agreed deadline

How things work
in our service center?

It is like sending your girlfriend on an exclusive trip to a wellness center for a few days. She will simply enjoy it a lot and thank you when she returns, as if she was new.


Contact us

Order online, by phone or e-mail. When ordering, please have the name of the manufacturer, model, VIN (serial) number and proof of purchase at hand. Try to describe the problem you need to solve as clearly as possible or attach a video or photos showing the problem. Based on your order, we will send a courier to pick up your scooter or other vehicle.

Order online

Prepare your scooter

Pack it so that it does not get damaged during transport, ideally using the original packaging. Some models may require handlebars disassembly to a state, in which you received the scooter or vehicle. If you do not have the original packaging, use a sturdy box and bubble wrap, if possible. However, the vehicle must not move freely inside the box, otherwise it will get damaged! If you are not up to the task, we can send you our specially prepared box for a fee. Do not forget the charger. Please, send the vehicle as clean as possible.


Our courier visits you

The courier usually arrives the next working day. Arrange with him/her a suitable date and time and hand over the vehicle to him/her packed as you have prepared it after ordering the service. If you have any easily removable accessories on your scooter that do not relate to your problem, such as an external speaker, please remove them before packing.


We diagnose the problem

After receiving it to our service center, you will get a confirmation and we will start working on your scooter or other vehicle. This may take a few hours or even a few days, depending on how busy the service center is at that moment. There could be several colleagues working on diagnosing your problem, depending on its nature.


We prepare the best price offer for you or we acknowledge a repair under warranty

In case of a warranty repair, we will get straight to solving the problem. In case of paid service, our specialists will prepare a price offer for you with the estimated costs of work and parts. Once the price offer is accepted and consulted with you, we will start our work.


We perform the repair and test it thoroughly

Our team initiates a professional repair. If, for some reason, we do not have the required spare parts, we will order them for you express. The service will be performed by our specially trained experts as if it were their own vehicle, to which they entrust their lives in daily operation. Once the repair is complete, it will be checked by the service center director.


Free safety check

Every electric scooter or vehicle then undergoes our free safety check because your safety is our top priority. After all, it is a transport means and not a toy or some ordinary consumer electronics product. If we discover a problem, our specialist will contact you to agree on the next course of action.


Our courier delivers the vehicle to your home

If this was a paid service, we will ask you for a payment before sending. After spending a few days in a wellness resort, we will send your vehicle to the address of your choice. It can differ from the address used to pick up the vehicle, it is up to you. Our courier will deliver the parcel to your home so that it is as convenient as possible for you. You will start enjoying a professionally repaired and rejuvenated vehicle and we will enjoy that great feeling of having helped get another rider to get back on the road.

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Price list

Warranty repairs

applies to goods purchased from us

Free of charge

We do not provide warranty repairs for goods purchased from other vendors.

Max Care - logo

Max Care

first 30 days or after extension

Free of charge

More about Max Care service

Safety checks

safety is more important for us than making profit

Free of charge

We provide them during any routine or warranty service. In case of a separate check, we charge the price of transport to and from the service center.

Goods purchased from us

price of 30 minutes of work

€30 / 30 min

Goods not purchased from us

price of 30 minutes of work

€60 / 30 min

The service waiting period is up to 30 days. If interested in express service within 7 days, it is possible to order VIP service for an additional fee of €80. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at

Responsible persons

Service is not only about know-how, support by manufacturers or tens of thousands of parts in stock. First and foremost, it is about people who provide it since their skills and expertise is the most important ingredient in our recipe for a happy customer. These people make sure that our team and services are at the highest level.


Štefan Báthory


Katarína Urbančíková

Managing Director

Persons responsible for
managing the service center

Kryštof Kouřil

Service Center Director

Radoslav Rampach

Deputy Service Center Director


Veronika Rackovská

Head of Customer Support

Mária Bölcs

Customer Support

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Terms and Condictions
of Service and Spare
Parts Provision

If our service center is overloaded, especially during high season, we reserve the right to refuse to service equipment that was not purchased from us in order to prioritize the support provided to our customers.

We only accept products with documented origin to our service center.

As part of protecting owners, we do not accept any products to our service center with origin that can not be proven by the owner. Although we could make some profit on such undocumented vehicles, we do not provide any servicing, replacement chargers or spare parts for them. By doing so, we try to make life difficult for thieves and protect our clients so that stealing a scooter is simply not worth it. There is no problem if you own a second-hand scooter. Just ask the previous owner for the proof of purchase.

Please pack the vehicle well
Transport by courier is very safe, as long as you pack the scooter or other vehicle properly.

Use the original packaging or a box of a suitable size so that the vehicle is securely placed inside it and, at the same time, protected by bubble wrap, if possible. Do not forget to pack the charger and we also ask you to send the vehicle cleaned as much as possible. If you do not have appropriate packaging, we will send you a suitable empty box for a fee.

  • Original box or good packaging
  • Attach your charger
  • Clean vehicle

If you happen to somehow damage your new scooter, we will repair it free of charge*

Free Max Care for
the first month

The best ride is the one without worries! The only worry-free extended warranty and free service of personal electromobility equipment in Europe.
No unnecessary questions, worldwide warranty, free* quality repair using original spare parts.
It comes handy in case you fall, damage your vehicle while transporting it in a car, if you lend your scooter to a friend and he crashes it by his own fault or by someone else’s fault, etc.

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* This service is subject to the terms and conditions of fair use; the repair may not be provided in certain cases (for instance, intentional damage by the owner). The service is free of charge for the first 30 days. Its extension is neither mandatory nor automatic. The use of the service is subject to a €50 fee or 10% of the value of the performed repair. Please see our Business Terms and Conditions for more details.

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