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      Online service booking

      Enjoy top service experience at your home via our courier.

      Online complaint form

      The handover of claimed goods takes place at your home via our courier.

      Best in Europe Max Blinker Service

      Sooner or later, everything needs servicing. That is why we built our service supercenter that spans over 400 m2. It does not matter where you find yourself, it is available to you at your home via our courier. One of our experienced technicians trained directly by the manufacturer will take care of you.

      We have at our disposal everything we need for a professional and safe repair, including over 10 000 spare parts that we keep in stock.

      More info More service info
      10 000+ original
      parts in stock
      20+ serviced
      authorized brands
      Special battery
      diagnostics and service
      Warranty and post-warranty repairs and advice

      We operate
      throughout Europe

      We are based in Berlin, but we operate throughout Europe so that we are always able to provide our customers with premium and fast care. Therefore, it does not matter where you are at the given moment, you can be sure of receiving first-class care.

      We ship the goods within a few hours from multiple warehouses within the European Union, so you do not have to pay any additional hidden fees and you receive a full Pan-European 2-year warranty. We provide both servicing and resolution of claims through a courier, which we send to your place on the very day of ordering.

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      We operate throughout Europe
      so that we are always able
      to provide premium and fast care.
      We ship the goods
      within a few hours
      No hidden extra fees and
      a full Pan-European 2-year warranty
      Express service and resolution of claims
      through a courier on
      the very day of ordering
      Countries whose languages we speak Countries where we deliver goods where we do not deliver
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      About Max Blinker

      We love personal electromobility. It is not a business for us but a path we ride ourselves. That is why we offer the best quality brands at fair prices. We ship within a few hours of ordering.

      We are based in Berlin, Germany, but we provide our services and servicing at your home throughout Europe. Our turnover has surpassed €6 million and we deliver and service thousands of orders annually.

      Thanks to our size, we built a European service supercenter that is ready to help anybody, wherever you are located. Even though we have grown, we stay down to earth and value every customer. Even if our customers damage the goods by their own fault, the repair is on us in the first 30 days, without any unnecessary questions – no matter what happened.*

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      What makes Max Blinker world-class?

      • Professional service
        at your home

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      • Modern
        shipping and warehouse

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      • Free repair of any damage with Max Care *

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      • Best
        price guarantee

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      • Independent testing of
        real specifications

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      • Certificate of Originality
        and Guarantee of Origin

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      Personal recommendations
      from the very owners of
      biggest brands

      Why choose Max Blinker?
      What are we good at?

      We are the right partner for personal electromobility. We offer the best brands at fair prices, the most professional service at your home, we actively participate in improving safety and reducing carbon footprint. We help to shorten distances in cities.

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      Professional service
      at your home and a service logbook

      We are the best authorized service in Europe that is available to you in the comfort of your home. We will come to you wherever you are in Europe. Our professional technicians have more than 400 square meters at their disposal. These experts in more than 20 different brands are trained directly by the manufacturers and they have more than 10 000 spare parts at their disposal, including special diagnostic equipment and battery service. That is why you may fully trust us. We keep our know-how, diagnostics, parts and experts under one roof where we perform thousands of repairs every year. That is why we are faster than a local service shop in your town. You do not have to go anywhere and we will deliver the repaired vehicle to your doorstep safely repaired and in top shape. We are the only ones in the world to use a digital service logbook where you can find records of all service actions and used parts. You may even record your own home service to this logbook. When the day comes to sell your vehicle, it will have a higher value with this logbook thanks to reliable records demonstrating how you took care of it over the years.

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      400+ m2, 20+ brands, 10 000+ spare parts
      Special battery diagnostics and service
      Digital service logbook
      Technicians trained directly at manufacturers
      More service info
      Watch the

      Modern shipping and warehouse

      With a turnover of over €6 million, we were able to invest in modern logistics and warehouses. We keep most of the goods in stock and ship anywhere in Europe within five hours of ordering. Our customers therefore do not have to wait unnecessarily. The only delay between our warehouse and you is the courier. We handle claims and service cases equally fast as we ourselves do not like to wait longer than necessary. Each shipped item undergoes a quality check not only at the manufacturer but also at our place, so that we can be sure that you only receive the goods of highest quality.

      Do you want to know what our most express delivery looks like? It can't get any faster. * Only available in selected regions

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      Goods in stock
      We ship most orders within 5 hours
      More info about shipping and warehouse

      Free repair of any damage with Max Care *

      If you somehow happen to damage your brand new scooter, we will repair it free of charge without any unnecessary questions asked. We can offer this kind of maximum care thanks to our service supercenter and a team of experienced professionals. It involves extended warranty and, in particular, free repair service where we even repair any mechanical damage for you, regardless of how it occurs*. All our customers receive this service absolutely free during the first 30 days since we wish them to be able to enjoy their purchase without unnecessary worries. The best ride is the one without worries! That is why Max Care is here, the only worry-free extended warranty and free service of personal electromobility equipment in Europe.

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      No unnecessary questions
      World-wide guarantee
      Quality repair and original parts
      Fully free service for the first 30 days
      More about Max Care service

      Best Price Guarantee

      We watch the prices of our competitors and keep the best possible prices on the market. Nevertheless, should you find any relevant offer at a better price, we will gladly match it. We do not crawl under any such potentially lower price, we only match it as we do not want you to choose us just because of cheap prices. There are plenty reasons to choose us than just the price. Doing business without providing any added value and focusing solely on prices is not sustainable in the long term.

      We do not perceive our business as an idea of how to get rich fast, but as a mission to transition our world closer to ecological and practical personal electromobility solutions. At the same time, we feel co-responsibility for the future of our planet, and thus of our children. That is why we behave responsibly both as a company and as individuals who make it up. We will be happy if you too choose this mode of transportation, and if the price is the only thing holding you back to join our community, we will do our best to convince you. By doing so, we will reduce the burden on the planet.

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      We guarantee best market prices
      We will gladly match any relevant cheaper offers
      More about Max Care service

      Independent testing of
      real specs

      We do not trust manufacturers’ claims and neither should you. We are not saying that they are lying. However, everyone has their own methodology and, therefore, it is difficult to mutually compare their claims. That is why we test independently all the provided specs using our own scientific methodology. We are a world leader in such accurate and independent tests.

      However, we are not doing it to be the world’s best but rather so that our customers have accurate and exact data available to make a responsible decision. This is only possible on the basis of real measured data and not on the basis of marketing claims made by manufacturers. Among others, we test the following specs: maximum range, range in a city cycle, minimum range (riding at top speed), acceleration, top speed, braking distances and times, weight, as well as actually delivered power.

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      With us, you compare measurements taken under identical conditions
      Max Blinker’s world first
      Unbiased measurement of both city ranges and ranges at full throttle
      Our own performance measurements
      Scientific independent measurements

      Certificate of Originality
      and guarantee of origin

      With your purchase, you will receive a unique Certificate of Originality with the guarantee of origin. We are able to provide this certificate as we work exclusively and directly with manufacturers and without any intermediaries, agents or wholesalers. We simply import the goods directly from the manufacturer’s factory to our warehouse and directly to you, without any intermediaries. We are therefore able and do guarantee 100% originality and quality of the entire purchased product.

      This is important because the market is flooded with cheap copies, as well as original scooter bodies fitted with non-original electronics and batteries. Thanks to our approach and the Certificate, with us you do not have to worry about all those things. What is even better, when the time comes to sell your vehicle, the new buyer won’t have to worry about those things either. You will therefore sell your scooter for a higher price. The holder of the Certificate of Originality has a lifetime guarantee of origin of the goods and, should a non-genuine origin be proven, even many years later, such holder may choose between a refund or having non-genuine goods replaced with original merchandise.

      Read more More about Certificate of Originality

      How to ride safely,
      eScooter Guide

      We are constantly working not only to sell scooters but also to provide the best service and advice. We likewise work on improving rider safety and education in this field. As the only company out there, we have prepared for you an extensive guide to safe electric scooter riding and made it freely available to everybody. Even to those who are not our customers, even to our competition. Because the most important thing is always to get home safely to those we care most about. Improved safety is therefore in the common interest of us all.

      Read more Read the Guide
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      We are a leader on the
      electromobility market

      We specialize in personal electromobility – an extremely efficient mode of transportation over short-to-medium distances. The trips, which make up the vast majority of private passenger transport in cities, can be more environmentally friendly, faster and also more fun than we have experienced in the last 100 years. Personal electromobility brings equally important revolution in transportation as was the invention of steam engine or first passenger cars with internal combustion engines. And this very revolution is happening today. Become a part of it and discover with us the new, entertaining and environmentally-friendly ways of getting to work, school or wherever life takes you.

      More info
      We dispatch most orders within
      5 hours
      Service, 2-year warranty
      and assistance anywhere in Europe
      Repair of any damage free
      of charge in the first 30 days *
      We are the only company on the market to guarantee
      genuine origin of the goods and the best price

      ridden by our scooters

      12.8 million

      kilometers on our scooters

      3171 tons

      of saved emissions

      7+ years

      on the market


      different brands

      first tens of thousands km
      first hundreds of thousands km
      3.1 million km
      7.4 million km
      12.8 million km

      Learn about the history of
      Max Blinker

      Ride it.
      Love it.

      Max it.

      Extended warranty
      when buying off-season

      Max Blinker brings you extended warranty, so you may treat yourself with a gift right now at off-season prices. By doing so, you can combine two otherwise impossible things. Buying post-season at significantly lower prices while receiving warranty as if you had waited with your purchase until spring.

      If you buy now, Max Blinker will extend your warranty until 1 April 2026, which means you get warranty extended by:

      The sooner you buy, the longer warranty period you receive! If you want to treat yourself with a gift at clearance sale prices, wait no more. In addition to extended warranty, you will also get free Max Care for the first month, so if you accidentally damage your scooter, the repair will be on us! Check our catalogue and treat yourself with a gift!

      How does it work? We will simply add extended warranty to the standard two-year pan-European warranty, which will remain valid until 1 April 2026, thus pleasantly extending your carefree riding period as if you had made the purchase in the spring. Max Blinker is the only one who offers this kind of a deal so that you may enjoy your ride immediately.

      Questions? Contact us!

      Company Details

      We are based in Berlin, Germany, but we operate throughout Europe so that we are always able to provide our customers with premium and fast care. Therefore, it does not matter where you are located at the given moment, you can be sure of receiving first-class care.

      Max Blinker GmbH

      Hauptstraße 117
      D-10827 Berlin
      Germany Amtsgericht Charlottenburg (Berlin) HRB 229661 B
      CEO: Štefan Báthory

      Fair approach

      We ship the goods within a few hours from multiple warehouses within the European Union, which means that you do not have to pay any additional hidden fees and receive full European 2-year warranty. We provide both service and resolution of claims through a courier, which we send to your place on the very day of ordering. Our team is located in multiple EU countries so that we are able to provide customer support and services in eight languages and for more than 40 European countries.

      That is why we have several service centers, warehouses and logistics partners. However, all of them within the European Union. Customers are served by companies from the Max Blinker Group based on actual workload and availability of goods at individual warehouses. Therefore, you may receive the invoice for the goods from any of the companies within the Max Blinker Group, depending on which one can serve you the fastest.

      Regardless of which company from the Max Blinker Group delivers the goods to you, you receive identical care and warranty conditions that are the same for the whole of Europe, even for deliveries outside the EU countries.

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      Other logistics companies of the Max Blinker Group

      • Voltride s.r.o.

        Nové sady 988/2
        60200 Brno
        Czech Republic
        European Union

        Company ID: 08334129
        Tax ID: CZ08334129

        CEO: Štefan Báthory
        Managing Director: Mgr. Katarína Urbančíková LL.M.

        Incorporated in the Commercial Register of the Regional Court in Brno, file no. C 113015/KSBR

      • Voltride s.r.o.

        Košická 58
        821 09 Bratislava
        European Union

        Company ID: 50750003
        Tax ID: 2120466018
        VAT ID: SK2120466018

        CEO: Štefan Báthory
        Managing Director: Mgr. Katarína Urbančíková LL.M.

        Incorporated in the Commercial Register of the Bratislava III District Court, Section: Sro, File no.: 118002/B

      * This service is subject to terms and conditions of fair use; the repair may not be provided in certain cases (for instance, intentional damage by the owner). The service is free of charge for the first 30 days. Its extension is neither mandatory nor automatic. The use of the service is subject to a €50 fee or 10% of the value of the performed repair. Please see our Business Terms and Conditions for more details.

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