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We live by electromobility, it is not a business for us but a path we ride ourselves.

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  • The largest personal electromobility vendor in Central Europe
  • Brick-and-mortar stores and service shops located in Bratislava, Prague and Brno
  • We are the only company on the market to guarantee genuine goods supplied with the Certificate of Originality
  • Exclusive representation of the best global brands: INOKIM, E-Twow, Zero and HERO Thousands of scooters and tens of thousands of spare parts in stock World leader in independent measurements of important scooter specs Safety service checks always free of charge because we care about your safety Escooter Guide written by us is an extensive publication on how to ride safely on an electric scooter, available free of charge for everybody carefree electric scooter ownership thanks to Max Care 6-year market presence with branches in four countries and deliveries to 16 countries in Europe The only authorized service shop for INOKIM, E-Twow, Zero, SXT, Egret, Urban, HERO brands in Central Europe with battery diagnostics and refurbishment and technicians trained at the manufacturers

Brick-and-mortar stores More about our brick-and-mortar stores

We live by electromobility, it is not a business for us but a path we walk ourselves. We began with enthusiasm and were among the first ones. Today, six years later, we are the largest player in the personal electromobility market in Central Europe. We are a German company operating in sixteen countries.

Service Book a service visit

Thanks to our advantage, we have earned the trust of best global brands and serve as their exclusive representation. As the only player in the market, we focus on building a network of service shops as we understand that we do not sell consumer electronics but rather vehicles that need regular maintenance. We are the exclusive distributor and the only authorized warranty and post-warranty service shop for the brands such as INOKIM, E-Twow, Zero, SXT, Egret, Urban, HERO in Central Europe with battery diagnostics and repair and technicians trained directly at the manufacturers. The accidents involving electric scooters are becoming ever more frequent which, naturally, coincides with their growing popularity and the resulting higher number of beginners and less experienced riders. We take it seriously, which is why we always provide safety service checks free of charge! We will send a courier to pick up your machine free of charge and, once it is serviced, the courier will deliver it back to you free of charge again. We value your trust and comfort.

Transport and storage More about transport and storage

Thanks to our size, you can rest assured that we will be here for you for many years, whether you are in a need of (post)warranty service or spare parts. We specialize closely, which is why we can be the best. We keep thousands of scooters and tens of thousands of spare parts in stock in our warehouses in Slovakia, Czechia and in the partner warehouse in Germany, which is why we typically dispatch goods within 24 hours of ordering.

Max Care More about Max Care

We are the only company in Europe to offer carefree electric scooter ownership and riding without worries thanks to Max Care – extended warranty, free service and repair service, also covering a mechanical damage repair, regardless of how it happened. We can and wish to help you quickly and efficiently.

Independent testing More about independent testing

We are the only company in the world that performs in-depth and independent measurements that verify the claims made by manufacturers. We use our own methodology and scientific approach based on professional instruments. Thanks to our tests, you are able to objectively compare scooters made by various manufacturers, which were subjected to identical tests. We are a world leader in such accurate and independent tests. We are doing it so that our customers have accurate and exact data available to make a responsible decision. That is why we verify the actual power, range (even in a city cycle), braking distance, top speed, acceleration and other important specs.

Certificate of Originality More about Certificate of Originality

As the only vendor, we provide the Certificate of Originality to most of the products on offer, including spare parts. We are able to provide this certificate because with the vast majority of products we work exclusively and directly with the manufacturers without any intermediaries (check the Certificate icon with a given product). Thanks to this, we guarantee 100% originality of the entire purchased product. Today's personal electromobility market is flooded with cheap copies, as well as original scooter bodies fitted with non-genuine electronics and batteries (often replaced by counterfeiters). This brings not only disappointed users, lower quality, shorter range or higher failure rate, but also significantly poorer safety. The holder of the Certificate of Originality has a goods origin guarantee and, should a non-genuine origin be demonstrated, such holder can choose between a refund or having any non-genuine goods replaced with genuine merchandise. With us, you can rest assured that you are truly getting what you pay for.

How to ride safely More about how to ride safely

However, our commitment to improving safety does not end here. As the only company out there, we have prepared an extensive publication focusing on how to ride safely on an electric scooter and made it freely available to everybody. Even to those who are not our customers, even to our competition. Because the most important thing is to always get home safely to those we care about. The improved safety is therefore in the common interest of us all.

We do good things More about what we do

"We do not inherit the land from our parents but we borrow it from our children." – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. We too feel shared responsibility for the future of our planet, and thus the future of our children. That is why we behave responsibly both as a company and as individuals who make it up. Up to 5% of our profits therefore goes to supporting the planting of trees, maintaining natural forests, beasts of prey and natural processes, as well as to supporting battery recycling. If you have any old batteries, you should never dispose of them in municipal waste! You can bring them to any of our stores free of charge and we will make sure that they are environmentally-friendly recycled through our recycling partners. By doing so, together we will do one more good thing.

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