We do good things

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry We do not inherit the land from our parents but we borrow it from our children.

We do more

We are responsible towards nature and people

We feel co-responsible for the future of our planet, and thus for the future of our children. That is why we behave responsibly both as a company and as individuals who make it up.

We do more

Therefore, up to 5% of our profits
goes to:

  • Supporting the planting of trees, maintaining the natural forests, beasts of prey and natural processes
  • Recycling of Li-Ion batteries

    If you have any old batteries and do not know what to do with them, you should never dispose of them in municipal waste! You can send them to us free of charge and we will make sure that they are environmentally-friendly recycled through our recycling partners.

Let's do one more good thing together.

Trees are life

Why do we need trees?

  • One tree produces up to 100 kg of oxygen annually.
  • They lower the temperature during hot summer days by about 6 degrees.
  • They clean the air efficiently and absorb harmful gases.
  • They are able to prevent landslides and weathering of fertile soil.
  • They lower the presence of CO2 greenhouse gas, thus limiting the greenhouse effect and further warming of our planet.
  • They serve as a refuge and create home environment for a large number of wild animals.
  • They form an irreplaceable part of the ecosystem.
  • They reduce the negative effects of torrential rains.

Why do we need to recycle?

  • Presently, the recycling of old batteries is uneconomical, which means that proper recycling is more expensive than the raw materials obtained from it.
  • The batteries contain harmful substances that may leak from landfills into the environment, which is why we should never dispose of them in municipal waste.
  • The Li-Ion batteries contain iron, lithium, aluminum and, for instance, cobalt that ranks among rare metals and its shortage is expected in the future.
  • Despite educating the public in this field, most sold batteries remain ending up in landfills. However, there exist technologies that can recycle up to 90% of the materials and dispose of the rest in an environmentally friendly manner.
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