Dualtron Ultra 2 Upgrade



Dualtron Ultra 2 Upgrade

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One of the best off-road scooters modernized by state-of-the-art equipment? The answer is the Dualtron Ultra 2 Upgrade. It will excite you not only by its brutal power of 6600 W or a top speed of 96 km/h but also by its new safety features and modernized components. They contribute to an even greater joy of riding it in the most challenging off-road conditions.

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Your best companion for making trips to the mountains and forests is now ready to face modern times. The Dualtron Ultra 2 Upgrade takes one of Minimotors' flagship models to the next level. Compared to its predecessor, it comes with equipment items designed for even greater safety and riding pleasure. The scooter remains capable of climbing slopes with inclinations of up to 35° at incredible speed without any problems thanks to its two powerful BLDC electric motors that provide a power of 6600 W and a huge 72 V, 32 Ah battery. However, thanks to the stronger LED headlamp, turn signals, new steering rod design and an LCD panel with Bluetooth connectivity, it has become even more attractive for electromobility enthusiasts.




Body, design and equipment

With the upgraded version of this scooter, Minimotors has kept the design of its predecessors, which is why the body of the Dualtron Ultra 2 Upgrade consists of a specially wrought aluminum frame that is also used in the production of airplanes. Quality materials and precise workmanship give this scooter the rigidity needed to ensure rider’s safety. However, the new version offers an improved scooter folding system. The manufacturer enlarged the contact surfaces of the steering rod’s joint by 2 cm on each side, whereby increasing the strength of the folding system. The handlebars got significantly improved as well, adding extra 85 mm to their previous width of 600 mm and providing even better control over the scooter. The good thing being that the handlebars have retained their folding capacity, which means that loading the scooter into a standard car trunk won’t be a problem. The maintenance-free and durable elastomer suspension, 11-inch, inflatable off-road tires with inner tube and comfortable ergonomic grips all contribute to riding comfort. The Upgrade version’s improvements also include the new method for controlling the lights by a multi-function switch. One glance at the EY4 LCD display produced in-house by the Minimotors reveals that it underwent a change. The display is now larger and clearer. By connecting your smartphone to it via Bluetooth, you can set the scooter's functions via the Dualtron App.



Safety and ride quality

The Ultra 2 Upgrade model loses nothing of its top-quality workmanship and uncompromising technology. What's more, the re-designed frame with the new folding joint is now stronger, which enhances riding safety at maximum speeds. The already mentioned elastomer suspension at the front and rear makes sure your ride is comfortable. This is a proven suspension system used in almost every model of the Dualtron series. You can easily adjust its stiffness in three steps based on your preference or simply choose from other five cartridges offering different elastomer stiffness. This suspension type does not require any maintenance and excels in high reliability. The dual and fully hydraulic brakes with 160 mm discs stop the Dualtron Ultra 2 Upgrade model from high speeds by giving you an incredible and smoothly delivered braking power. Combined with the electronic brake and electronic ABS, you can rest assured that you will always safely brake to a stop from any speed. Also present is the recuperative charging option, which returns some of the energy back to your battery. How could there be safety without proper lights? The front is dominated by the brand new 30 W LED headlamp accompanied by turn indicators both at the front and rear. The fact that Dualtron paid particular attention to safety with the new version of this scooter is evidenced by the fact that turn indicators now got dedicated diodes. This means that when riding at night with lights turned on and when simultaneously braking and activating a turn signal, each of these lights will be separately visible. Moreover, you can use the distinctive horn to alert others on the road to your presence. For less experienced riders, the scooter offers the option to activate the so-called “Kick-start” feature preventing any unwanted start from a standstill. The functional fenders are a matter of fact. You will appreciate them especially when riding off the road or in bad weather. The easy-to-maintain and wide deck with anti-slip top layer comes as a bonus.



Power and range

The power of this scooter is a dream come true, to be appreciated by every adrenaline enthusiast. You can rest assured that the two BLDC motors providing a power of 6600 W will make you the king of any terrain without experiencing lack of power. A performance of this kind requires proper supply of energy, which is taken care of by the extremely resistant and huge battery of 72 V, 32 Ah capacity. With this battery, the scooter promises a range of up to 100 km, which means that with battery full it will always be ready for long and trouble-free rides wherever your travels take you. And when your adventure is over, you can charge it via two charging ports, one of which supports fast charging. You can use the additional port to connect external battery. All ports are located on the left side of the deck, covered by protective caps preventing dirt from entering inside. The battery does not suffer from any undesirable memory effect, which is why it will last many years, subject to proper charging and maintenance. Combined with a dual 40 A control unit made in-house by Minimotors and installed in the rear footrest for better cooling, the scooter allows riders to reach speeds of up to 96 km/h (depending on rider’s weight, outside temperature and terrain).



Use and practicality

Given its rigid body and unbelievable performance, this is a versatile scooter and you will appreciate most its off-road capabilities. Thanks to its 2-wheel drive, the Dualtron Ultra 2 Upgrade will handle even a very steep climb. You do not have to worry about your scooter giving up on you on a longer trip. With its 11-inch and 90 mm wide tubed off-road tires, the Ultra 2 Upgrade will provide you with excellent comfort, traction and safety. The tires are easily replaceable thanks to the modular wheel structure. You will love the scooter’s very comfortable chassis, which you will be able to use both on cobblestones in a city and on challenging field roads. Despite the scooter’s versatility, its weight of about 45 kg may be a limiting factor for some riders. The robust body results in poor compactness, among other disadvantages, so it will be next to impossible to take this scooter with you inside a restaurant. With its size, it may still fit into a trunk of a normal car, but do not expect much luggage space left. However, despite its bigger weight, it remains one of the best off-road scooters out there.




Our rating

If you like adrenaline and off-road riding, the Ultra 2 Upgrade is the best choice for you. With this model, the people at Minimotors continue to evolve their top offerings and keep introducing extra features. They made most progress in the field of safety by adding the central headlamp to complement the smaller LED lights at the front, as well as turn indicators, horn and extended handlebars. When you take into account the components that were already modernized in the previous version, the final result turns out to be one of the best off-road electric scooters on the market. The scooter meets the paper specs declared by the manufacturer, having a modern and timeless design, tons of safety features and a new-generation EY4 display with Bluetooth connectivity. As a result, you will not get bored by it, not even after many years of use. Riding it will always be an incredible experience.





We are an authorized dealer of the Dualtron brand in Czechia, Slovakia and other countries. We offer warranty and post-warranty servicing, which is provided at our branches. We keep most spare parts in stock and are able to get other parts in a very short period of time thanks to our direct contacts to the manufacturer. Therefore, when buying this scooter, you do not have to worry about service or unavailability of spare parts. Thanks to our experience and contacts, we can handle more complex malfunctions and diagnostics.



About the brand

The Minimotors is known globally as one of the best and most reliable manufacturers of electric scooters. It was established in 1999 in Pusan (Busan) in South Korea. Shortly after its establishment, the company became famous for its mass-produced electric motors. In 2010, it initiated the development and manufacturing of electric scooters as an excellent personal mobility alternative to single-track petrol-engine vehicles. In the same year, it unveiled its Speedway electric scooter series on the market. Due to high demand and the resulting need to boost manufacturing, Minimotors moved its production to a new factory in China and in 2015 completed the design and began producing the new electric scooter type named Dualtron Ultra. Seeing its huge success, the company continued to develop and manufacture other models and model series. Presently, the company offers the Dualtron, Speedway and Futecher model series that are popular among electromobility enthusiasts around the world, inextricably linking the Minimotors brand to electric scooters. Although many new companies continue to emerge in the field of electromobility, they lack the experience gained by Minimotors over all those years. Many of these newcomers soon abandon their plans due to low quality of their products and the resulting lack of market interest. The Minimotors company has been supplying highest quality products to the global markets, making it a leader in the field of electromobility.

Ease of maintenance
96 km/h
45,8 kg
3600 W
100 km
Rear suspension
Front suspension
Hydraulic Front Brake
Rear engine
Front engine
Extreme power
Very comfortable
Front light
Rear light
Hydraulic Rear Brake
Air wheels
Light sensor
Well foldable
Data sheet
Performance parameters
Feature Value as provided by manufacturer Max Blinker independent measurement Rating
Weight with battery 45,8 kg Waiting for test
Charging time 26 h Waiting for test
Maximum speed before unlocking 25 km/h Waiting for test
Max. design speed 96 km/h Waiting for test
meta power
3600 W Waiting for test
Peak Power 6600 W Waiting for test
Range 100 km Waiting for test
Data sheet
Other parameters
Feature Value as provided by manufacturer
      Length 126 cm  
      Height 130 cm  
      Width 68,5 cm  
      Length folded 126 cm  
      Height folded 75 cm  
      Width folded 68,5 cm  
      Engine type brushless (BLDC) in the wheel  
      Battery type 21700  
      Battery voltage 72 V  
      Battery capacity 32 Ah  
      Battery energy 2304 Wh  
      Control system finger lever  
      Speed limiter yes  
      Kick Start configurable  
      Drivetrain front and rear drive  
      Front brake disc hydraulic  
      Rear brake disc hydraulic  
      Front wheel type air inner tube  
      Front wheel diameter 11"  
      Rear wheel type air inner tube  
      Rear wheel diameter 11"  
      Suspension front and rear  
      Front suspension Rubber elastomer cartridges  
      Rear suspension Rubber elastomer cartridges  
      Light front, rear and brake  
      Brake light yes  
      Max. load 120 kg  
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