Max Blinker is the most recommended
seller of electric scooters in the world.

The biggest manufacturers, such as Dualtron, Inokim, Nami, Vsett, Teverun, Inmotion, E-Twow, Kaabo and many others, recommend buying from us.
We enjoy very close and above-standard relations with manufacturers, which is why we are able to guarantee the absolute quality of the goods.
We have thousands of satisfied customers throughout Europe with the best customer support and service.
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Personal recommendations
from very owners of
biggest brands

See the recommendations from
biggest manufacturers and brands

Personal recommendation from the owner of Dualtron, Minimotors, Bluetran, Speedway

Please purchase our products from Max Blinker. Max Blinker will be with Minimotors forever. Thank you!

Bongsuck Kim CEO

Recommendation from Inokim

We have been partners with Max Blinker for a while and I recommend you to buy Inokim scooters from him. They have great service!

Nimrod Riccardo Sapir Founder

Recommendation from NAMI

Max Blinker is a good company doing good service. I recommend you to buy electric scooters from them.

Michael Sha Founder

Recommendation from Teverun

Max Blinker is very professional at after sales service and shipping. If you need a scooter, they are the good choice.

Edwin Dou Founder

Recommendation from VSETT, ZERO, Mukuta

We are committed to work collaboratively with our partner Max Blinker to create a brighter future together.

Allen Sun Founder

Recommendation from E-Twow

I choose Max Blinker and recommend them to the customers. They have the best technical support!

Sorin Sirbu Founder

Recommendation from InMotion

Max Blinker has very good customer service, it impressed me a lot. So if you want to buy InMotion unicycles or scooters it is a very good choice to purchase from them.

Bob Yan Founder

Recommendation from Kaabo

We are friends with Max Blinker. He is great with our electric scooters. I highly recommend you to buy our scooters from Max Blinker. They are a great company!

Starry Ye Manager

Recommendation from Kingsong

Max Blinker is a very reliable partner and they always choose the best products for our users. They always consider that is the best for the customers.

Daniel Chen Manager

Recommendation from GSPACE

We are confident that your purchase from Max Blinker will exceed your expectations and inspire you.

Comer Wang Founder

Odporúčanie od firmy HX

Max Blinker is our trusted partner. You will for sure enjoy your purchase from them.

Tiger He Founder

We regularly visit our
partners and check the quality

We love personal electromobility. It is not a business for us but a path we ride ourselves. That is why we do not sit at home in Europe and do not hesitate to travel to where the machines we love are made. Max only offers what he has thoroughly tested himself. Each vehicle delivered by us undergoes a quality check both directly at the manufacturer and at our place in Europe, so that we can be sure that you only receive the goods of highest quality. That is also why we are a market leader.

We maintain very close and above-standard relations
with the manufacturers which makes it possible for us to
guarantee the origin and absolute quality of the goods.
We know by heart the production process
at our partners and we know every vehicle
down to the minute details.
We are the only ones on the market to guarantee
the origin of the goods and spare parts
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