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The OX is a smaller brother of the OXO model and it too ranks among premium scooters. It stuns not only by its unique design and specs, but also by its very comfortable adjustable chassis. In this case, the manufacturer comes with identical improvements as seen with the OXO 2024 model.


INOKIM OX Super 2024

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The smaller sibling of the INOKIM flagship model announces its colossal “comeback” - it is now even more beautiful, better, and of higher quality. Here comes the Inokim OX Super 2024 – simply a perfect electric scooter. It is literally a legendary model known by all fans of personal electromobility. The entire OX model series shares the identical scooter body and design, while the individual models only differ by performance and battery capacity.

The scooter is the embodiment of the company’s expertise since INOKIM is one of the oldest manufacturers of electric scooters in the world. They built and sold their first electric scooter fifteen years ago, which cannot be said of the vast majority of companies on the market. That is why OX Super is exceptionally well made, to the minute detail. This scooter won the prestigious prize for its design – the Red Dot Design Award, only a few products can boast about. Adding to the collection is the Best Commuter Scooter 2024 prize, awarded under Rider's Choice Awards.

The OX Super 2024 brings a plethora of small improvements that enhance reliability and quality of this scooter.



Safety is foremost when it comes to INOKIM brand. As was the case with the original version, the OX Super 2024 is made of an extremely strong aluminum alloy used in the aerospace industry. The entire body is cleverly balanced so that it is stable even at high speeds of about 45 km/h, which this machine is capable of achieving. The two brakes always stop the scooter safely. The front brake is a high-quality maintenance-free drum brake and the rear one is a disc brake. The patented OSAP chassis system contributes not only to comfort but also to safety by maintaining stability even at high speeds and when riding on poor surfaces. The less experienced riders have the option to limit their top speed. The front and rear LED lights contribute to safety. The rear light also serves as a brake light. The battery made of high-quality LG cells is another safety-enhancing factor. The strength of the entire scooter allows for a load capacity of up to 120 kg. The scooter has a kick-start feature, preventing any unwanted start.




The OX Super 2024 model continues to rank among extreme models. The scooter has no problems travelling at a speed of 45 km/h. The peak power reaches up to 1300 W. It may provide less power compared to INOKIM OXO 2024 model, but even this performance remains plenty enough for almost everything you could expect from your scooter. Its advantage over the OXO model is a lower weight by about 5 kg. The scooter accelerates pleasantly without any unnecessary jerking and delivers full acceleration in a way you can fully enjoy and without fear in your eyes. It is also suitable for easy terrain and mild climbs. However, if you plan to use your scooter primarily for that purpose, consider the OXO model. On the other hand, if you are mostly planning medium or long trips around the city, the OX Super model will reward you with its lower weight, fantastic comfort, and sufficient performance. After all, 45 km/h is more than enough.



The international Red Dot Design Award speaks for itself. Not only the amateurs but also the panel of expert judges consider the design of this scooter to be one of the best in the world. It is simply beautiful and, at the same time, different from all other scooters in this performance category, which look similar as one oak leaf to another. The asymmetrical swingarm suspension is definitely one of the main design features, thanks to which you will never get bored looking at this scooter as both sides look different. On the one side you see a beautiful swingarm holding a wheel while on the other side the wheels look as if they are not attached to the scooter at all. The steering column is beautifully aerodynamically shaped and feels robust, which is expected from a scooter travelling at sixty kilometers per hour. The OX Super 2024 also comes in 3 color options right from the start while the body of the scooter remains elegant black. You can choose a black-blue, black-green, or the traditional black-orange combination. The new version also brings a small cherry on top in the form of a new logo at the front and ‘Landsurfer’ inscription on the scooter’s side. The OX Super has relatively well-hidden brake hoses and other cables that do not disturb the overall feel of the unique design of this machine. The entire scooter looks aggressive and luxurious at the same time.



The patented OSAP chassis system ensures riding comfort with wheels asymmetrically mounted on the swingarms. The unique thing is that the OX Super has a height-adjustable chassis, meaning you can easily change your ground clearance depending on whether you are riding off-road or in the city. The scooter can handle bad terrain. We rode with it on a meadow, broken roads, or even on field roads and we did not feel tired of excessive vibrations, not even after a long trip. The 10-inch wheels equipped with tires and inner tubes made by CST further contribute to comfort by helping to dampen any uneven surfaces. Thanks to this 10-inch size and branded tire manufacturer, the OX Super is not very prone to getting a flat tire. The well-arranged backlit LCD panel made in-house enhances ease-of-use. The OX Super also features a length-adjustable kickstand that you can adjust it to the ground clearance set on the chassis. The folding mechanism was upgraded as well, making it even easier and more durable. We are glad to see that the new version keeps handlebars hooked to the raised portion of the deck when in folded position, making it possible to grab the OX Super by its steering column and carry it without the scooter twisting in your hands. But the list of new features goes on as the 2024 model also comes with a completely new deck.




Extreme performance requires high-quality and bulky battery. The OX Super’s battery uses 57.6V voltage and contains LG cells. Its capacity is 20.8 Ah, corresponding to very much above-standard 1 198.08 Wh. However, when the battery is fully drained, one must expect charging time of up to 11 hours. The manufacturer claims the range of 95 km when riding “sensibly” at 25 km/h on a flat surface, which is one of the best ranges in this weight and performance category. The above range applies when using single motor. Naturally, when riding dynamically using both motors, it is necessary to expect a shorter range. This range may be in fact cut in half as at these high speeds you consume a lot of energy just to overcome air resistance. In any case, with this scooter you do not have to worry about your range, which is more than enough.


Use and practicality

With its design and performance, this is one of the world’s most versatile scooters. In a city, you will surely appreciate its performance when riding up the hill, as well as its range, not having to worry even when you need to go on a longer trip or when you have no time to charge the scooter during the day. When it comes to our conditions, you will be literally enchanted by its very comfortable chassis, which you will be able to use on field roads, as well on our regular roads full of holes. Despite its versatility, this is certainly not the most practical city solution – that is definitely not what we claim here. You have to keep in mind the scooter’s weight of about 28 kg, meaning you won’t be happy seeing any stairs standing in your way. Weighing less than 30 kg, the OX Super is a little more comfortable to carry compared to the OXO model. Given its dimensions, you won’t be able to simply fold it and take it with you to a restaurant. Usually, you will have to lock it outside like a bike. Although its weight is such that it allows a single person to lift the scooter without too much effort and move it over a short distance without a problem, however you would not want to carry it up the stairs to the fourth floor. It can fit inside the trunk of a regular car, but there will not be a lot of space left. This means that if you want to take it with you on a longer car trip (for instance, to a sea resort), it is better to put the scooter on your car’s rear bicycle rack mounted on a tow hook, as this leaves your trunk available for other items. However, except for its bigger weight, this is a fantastic solution for both inside and outside the city.


Our rating

The OX Super model is one of our favorite ones. We are glad that the manufacturer did not end the upgrading efforts with the OXO model but rather keeps incorporating all its new gadgets to other models of the OX series. This is one of the most versatile scooters on the market – an enduro among scooters. One can feel that this brand pays attention not only to design and specs on paper, but also to safety and reliability. Whether you travel off-road in a field or on the road at 60 km/h, or even at a pedestrian pace somewhere in the city center, it will always make you smile and you will constantly feel that it has been made for the situation you are in. It will look great in a café, as well as on your way to work, parked in the office or covered by dust in a meadow somewhere outside the city during the weekend. You will enjoy it each time you look at it and you will not get tired of it even after many years of daily use. The OX Super is simply about irresistible satisfaction on two wheels in every situation. This time, it comes with a new deck, improved folding mechanism, and three color options. We can't wait to see what Inokim comes up with next. When it comes to choosing a particular OX model, it is up to you and your required power and range. If you wish to ride without compromises, go with the OXO. If you value good range and performance at a slightly lower weight, choose the OX Super.

We have personally visited INOKIM on several occasions at their headquarters in Tel Aviv and while having a lunch with the designer and “father” of the whole brand – Nimrod Sapir Riccard, we were told what describes best not only this scooter but the entire INOKIM brand: “Yes, we do know that there are more powerful or cheaper scooters out there. Of course, we would be able to make an even faster, crazier, and perhaps a cheaper scooter. But we do not see this as a competition we would wish to participate in because it is simply is not what the world needs right now. INOKIM is a family. It’s a lifestyle. INOKIM brings joy and pleasant excitement, it brings quality and, in particular, INOKIM brings you safely home to your family every night. And that is more important for us than placing first on the list of world’s craziest scooters.”



We are the exclusive and sole importer and dealer of the INOKIM brand for the whole Central Europe. We offer warranty and post-warranty servicing, which is provided at our service center. We keep all spare parts in stock and we are the only certified provider of warranty repairs. Therefore, when buying this scooter, you do not have to worry about servicing or unavailability of spare parts. Thanks to representing the manufacturer directly, we can handle difficult repairs or diagnostics.


About the brand

INOKIM is one of few manufacturers that keep everything under one roof. Starting with design, through hardware and software development to production, sales, and service. Every single part, every single component is custom-developed and tested by INOKIM, which is truly unusual and unique. That is why INOKIM belongs to the absolute top. The development, research and design teams are based in the birthplace of this brand – Tel-Aviv, Israel. The production takes place in China in Ningbo city in the company’s own factory and under strict quality supervision.

INOKIM started as Nimrod Sapir Riccardo’s garage project in 2009. Today, it belongs to a family of truly global brands with representations in almost every country in the world. Nimrod continues to play an active role in the company and to this day he is in charge of product design, making him also the designer of the OXO model.

Max Blinker is a proud partner of this brand as we share common enthusiasm and passion for personal electromobility. We have been the only and exclusive representation of INOKIM for the whole Central Europe. Due to the global nature of the brand, you will not have any problem to get your scooter serviced or getting spare parts anywhere in the world as INOKIM’s partners observe the global quality guarantee wherever you find yourself and regardless of the country of purchase of your INOKIM scooter.

Ease of maintenance
45 km/h
28 kg
1300 W
95 km
Rear suspension
Front brake
Front suspension
Good in terrain
Hill capable
Rear engine
Rear brake
City Friendly
High power
Cruise controll
Very comfortable
Front light
Rear light
Air wheels
Great value for price
Multiple colors
Well foldable
Max Blinker recommends
High reliability
Class winner
Data sheet
Performance parameters
Feature Value as provided by manufacturer Max Blinker independent measurement Rating
Weight with battery 28 kg Waiting for test
Charging time 11 h Waiting for test
Maximum speed before unlocking 25 km/h Waiting for test
Max. design speed 45 km/h Waiting for test
meta power
1000 W Waiting for test
Peak Power 1300 W Waiting for test
Range 95 km Waiting for test
Data sheet
Other parameters
Feature Value as provided by manufacturer
      Length 120 cm  
      Height 130 cm  
      Width 59 cm  
      Length folded 122 cm  
      Height folded 54 cm  
      Width folded 59 cm  
      Engine type brushless (BLDC) in the wheel  
      Battery type Li-Ion  
      Battery manufacturer LG cells  
      Battery voltage 57,6 V  
      Battery capacity 20,8 Ah  
      Battery energy 1198,08 Wh  
      Recuperation no  
      Control system thumb lever  
      Cruise Control yes  
      Speed limiter yes  
      Kick Start yes  
      Drivetrain rear drive  
      Front brake drum  
      Rear brake disc mechanical  
      Front wheel type air inner tube  
      Front wheel diameter 10"  
      Rear wheel type air inner tube  
      Rear wheel diameter 10"  
      Suspension front and rear  
      Front suspension swing arm + adjustable rubber torsion block  
      Rear suspension swing arm + adjustable rubber torsion block  
      Light front, rear and brake  
      Brake light yes  
      Max. load 120 kg  
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