Make your little ones happy with their own moto experience. This eTiger ATV40S electric four-wheeler with a powerful 800W motor, durable body, and safety gadgets can’t wait for its little owner.



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Body, design, and equipment

Lamax eTiger

The eTiger ATV40S electric quad is designed for small and young fans of personal electromobility aged 3 to 7 years or weighing less than 65 kg. The quad comes in attractive design by tuning masters in two color options - black-orange and black-blue - so that it can be enjoyed both by girls and boys. Thanks to being equipped with a horn, your little one will always know how to draw attention to himself/herself in a busy environment and thanks to the front LED light you can also venture for an evening walk. The size of 103×61×67 cm allows for easy transport in a car trunk without having to fold the rear seats, so it's a clear choice for a weekend trip. It features a completely silent electric motor providing a power of 800W, which means having fun with it will never get interrupted by an angry neighbor with a sleeping child.



Safety, use, and practicality

Lamax eTiger

When it comes to children, safety is and always will be foremost. The first-class disc brakes and a self-braking system will stop any speedy run. This is a very useful safety feature where the system starts to slow down and brake automatically as soon as the child takes his/her foot off the gas pedal. The quad has 3 speed gears, which can be set by you as a parent at your own discretion. The four-wheeler shifts automatically, so you only need to switch to a forward drive and venture out. To make it start reversing, no leg kicking is necessary, just switch to reverse and start moving. The reliable 36 V and 12 Ah lead-acid battery guarantees a range of up to 20 km and lasts 1.5 hours in non-stop operation. Thanks to durable 13-inch tires, front and rear suspension, and low weight of kids, it will conquer any terrain and take your children up a steep hill like a rocket. The tires are specially treated, which means that the word ‘puncture’ will be an unknown concept.



We are a dealer of the LAMAX brand for the whole of Central Europe. We offer direct warranty and post-warranty service, which is provided at our service center. We keep most spare parts in stock and we are a certified provider of warranty repairs. Therefore, when buying this quad, you do not have to worry about service or unavailability of spare parts. Thanks to our contacts with the manufacturer, we can handle any complicated faults or diagnostics.


About the brand

Standing behind the LAMAX brand is the Czech company elem6 s.r.o., which has been acting mostly as a distributor of action cameras for the Eastern European market since its establishment in 2012. It grew quickly and today it manages a broad portfolio of its own brands and distribution networks. Today, the company is directly present and active in most of Eastern Europe and the Balkans, as well as a wholly owned and managed subsidiary in Germany, providing reach into Western Europe and beyond. With a strong focus on consumer electronics and lifestyle products, the company’s goal is to further expand its range and continue in successful strategies of building brands, developing markets, and placing products to the right retail environments. The mission of elem6 is to make high-quality and up-to-date consumer electronics available to everyone at an affordable price.

Ease of maintenance
25 km/h
51 kg
800 W
20 km
Rear suspension
Front brake
Front suspension
Good in terrain
Hill capable
Rear brake
City Friendly
High power
Very comfortable
Front light
Air wheels
Multiple colors
Max Blinker recommends
Data sheet
Performance parameters
Feature Value as provided by manufacturer Max Blinker independent measurement Rating
Weight with battery 51 kg Waiting for test
Maximum speed before unlocking 25 km/h Waiting for test
Max. design speed 25 km/h Waiting for test
Peak Power 800 W Waiting for test
Range 20 km Waiting for test
Data sheet
Other parameters
Feature Value as provided by manufacturer
      Charging time 7 h  
      Length 103 cm  
      Height 67 cm  
      Width 61 cm  
      Battery type Lead Acid  
      Battery voltage 36 V  
      Battery capacity 12 Ah  
      Battery energy 432 Wh  
      Control system pedal  
      Speed limiter yes  
      Front brake disc mechanical  
      Rear brake disc mechanical  
      Front wheel type air tubeless  
      Front wheel diameter 13"  
      Rear wheel type air tubeless  
      Rear wheel diameter 13"  
      Suspension front and rear  
      Light front  
      Max. load 65 kg  
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