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City Boss K600

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The City Boss K600 electric scooter has been tailored to urban conditions. Whether your journeys take you to work or school or you just venture out with it to clear your head, this scooter will meet all your expectations. A range of 45 kilometers, a rigid body that is also comfortable and a pair of disc brakes say it all. The City Boss K600 is not just an ordinary scooter but rather a source of great fun.

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Everything you need to enjoy your day

Most importantly, the practicality, safety, and ease-of-use. These are the main features of the City Boss K600 electric scooter that is becoming ever more popular among riders who ride their scooters daily. There are only a few scooters in this category that offer so much “juice”. That is why you riding down the streets will be full of fun and, above all, comfort and safety. And for those who prefer comfort, the scooter allows adding a seat.



Power and range

Instead of time wasted in a morning traffic jam, just swift and safe travel to your destination while avoiding congestion. This is a piece of cake for the City Boss K600 since it is powered by a 600 W DC motor. With this motor, you will accelerate swiftly and reach the speeds of up to 25 km/h. Even riders weighing over 100 kg can easily travel at these speeds. The scooter comes with an urban walking mode where pressing a button activates the motor to a speed of 5 km/h, which means the scooter “walks by itself” next to you at a walking speed without you having to push it. Or you can travel on the scooter at this speed along some other pedestrian. The overall satisfaction with this model is further enhanced by a range of 45 kilometers per charge. Meaning, you do not have to worry about the 48 V and 13 Ah Li-Ion battery not being enough for a few days of short travels to work. You can fully charge the battery in just 7 hours.


Safety and frame

The robust frame made of aviation-grade aluminium emphasizes the nature of the City Boss K600 model, allowing all riders to adjust the scooter to their height and preference. How? The basic dimensions (123 cm in length, 65 cm in width and 121 cm in height) can be adapted to your needs by using the telescopic steering rod. Once you add to that the 10-inch pneumatic tires and a pair of disc brakes that are mechanically controlled, you can be sure that you will always arrive to your destination comfortably and safely. The wide handlebars are complemented with the patented front and rear suspension, which means you will not experience any shakiness or uncertain body posture on this scooter after travelling a few kilometers. The scooter can carry a total load of up to 120 kg! Not even darkness or poor visibility will prevent you from enjoying riding it. Every obstacle and bend on the road ahead will get illuminated by the front light, as well as the rear light with integrated reflectors. Assisting you when changing the direction will be the turn signals activated by the switch on the handlebars.



Equipment, versatility and design

When the City Boss K600 zooms past you down a city street, at first glance it attracts you by its shining orange components on the black frame. Although the scooter comes with eye-catching design, those are mainly its practical features that will make you fall in love with it. The scooter folding ergonomics is so easy that you will truly enjoy travelling with it to your office or a café. Just fold down the handlebars and loosen the folding joint. Weighing 22.1 kilograms, you can carry it with one hand without problems. Moreover, measuring 116 cm in length, 42 cm in height and 26 cm in width when folded, you can comfortably put it in the trunk of your car or take it with you when using public transport. The durable mudguard above the rear wheel is a must. The City Boss K600 is equipped with cruise control, which means that you do not have to keep your finger on the lever all the time. This lever forms part of the control panel where you can switch between three riding modes. Naturally, the scooter comes with an LED panel. It allows you to read data, such as current speed, current battery status, distance traveled or riding time, even in direct sunlight. Being a city scooter, it simply has to come equipped with a horn and a kickstand.



Our rating

Whether you decide to take the City Boss K600 to a café, to your workplace, or for an evening trip around the city, it will meet all your expectations. Whatever feature you would expect from an electric scooter designed for versatile use, the City Boss K600 has it. Which is why it comes with practical design and above-standard equipment. However, it will not be put to shame by its performance or range either. We can confirm without hesitation that it has an enormous potential and we are sure that you will not be able to imagine your daily travels without the City Boss K600.



We are a dealer of the City Boss brand for the whole of Central Europe. We provide direct warranty and post-warranty servicing, which takes place at our branches in Prague, Brno and Bratislava. We keep most spare parts in stock and we are a certified provider of warranty repairs. Therefore, when buying this scooter, you do not have to worry about service or unavailability of spare parts. Thanks to our contacts with the manufacturer, we can handle any complicated faults or diagnostics.


About the brand

A living proof that high-quality electric city scooters can indeed be manufactured by producers coming from countries other than the countries that are home to technological giants. That would be a one sentence summary of the Czech company Epic. It is them who give their customers, mostly in Central Europe, the joy of riding the models of the City Boss, Voltaik and Joyor brands. These scooters are known for their high-quality workmanship, state-of-the-art design solutions, performance and affordable price. People at Epic are simply experts in urban environment, not only in the field of e-mobility but also in the field of sporting goods for varied lifestyle of city residents. Therefore, it is no wonder that electric scooters made by the City Boss, Volaik and Joyor brands are becoming ever more popular, as they give riders exactly what they expect from them.

Ease of maintenance
25 km/h
22,1 kg
600 W
45 km
Rear suspension
Front brake
Front suspension
Rear engine
Rear brake
City Friendly
Cruise controll
Very comfortable
Front light
Rear light
Low weight
Air wheels
Well foldable
Removable seat
Data sheet
Performance parameters
Feature Value as provided by manufacturer Max Blinker independent measurement Rating
Weight with battery 22,1 kg Waiting for test
Charging time 7 h Waiting for test
Maximum speed before unlocking 25 km/h Waiting for test
Max. design speed 25 km/h Waiting for test
Peak Power 600 W Waiting for test
Range 45 km Waiting for test
Data sheet
Other parameters
Feature Value as provided by manufacturer
      Length 123 cm  
      Height 121 cm  
      Width 65 cm  
      Length folded 116 cm  
      Height folded 42 cm  
      Width folded 26 cm  
      Battery type Li-Ion  
      Battery voltage 48 V  
      Battery capacity 13 Ah  
      Battery energy 624 Wh  
      Recuperation no  
      Control system thumb lever  
      Cruise Control yes  
      Speed limiter yes  
      Drivetrain rear drive  
      Front brake disc mechanical  
      Rear brake disc mechanical  
      Front wheel diameter 10"  
      Rear wheel diameter 10"  
      Suspension front and rear  
      Light front, rear, brake and turn signals  
      Max. load 120 kg  
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