ZERO 11X External Battery (72V, 26Ah)

ZERO 11X External Battery (72V, 26Ah)

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72V, 26Ah external battery designed for mounting on the steering rod of ZERO 11X model. Also suitable for Techlife X9 electric scooter.

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Double your range with the external 72 V and 26 Ah battery fitted with Li-Ion LG MH1 3200 mAh or Samsung cells (subject to availability). This battery has been designed as an external battery to be fitted on the steering rod and not as the scooter's internal battery. Its dimensions may vary.

Package includes:

  • 72 V and 26 Ah battery
  • external battery case
  • cabling
  • connectors
  • steering rod mount

The external batteries must have voltage (V) identical to the scooter's internal battery. Its capacity (Ah) may vary. The power from the external battery is delivered in parallel with the internal battery. For achieving best results, you should fully charge both batteries. Each battery has a separate charging connector.

To give you the idea, the chart shows the result of parallel connection of two 52 V batteries with 18 Ah and 23 Ah capacity. Two batteries connected in parallel provide more power than when connected individually. The gray line shows 2 batteries connected in parallel and corresponds to the sum of 18 Ah battery (red) and 23 Ah battery (blue) from the viewpoint of discharge period.

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