NAMI Blast / MAX

A brand-new model designed by Michael Sha who is behind the Nami brand. An urban beast with innovative front wheel suspension for perfect filtering of shocks and vibrations. Conquer all paved roads with its extraordinary performance, metal frame and patented chassis anatomy.


NAMI Blast / MAX

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The fleet of Nami electric scooters has expanded and now includes a road model that attracts everybody’s attention. Although the Nami Blast continues to use a welded one-piece metal design that is typical of the NAMI brand, the designers chose a patented front wheel suspension for most comfortable riding. With a peak power of 4200 W and a top speed of up to 85 km/h, its future owners have a lot to look forward to.


Body, design and equipment

At first glance, NAMI Blast impresses with its front part. While most electric scooters have their suspension arms positioned with the hinge facing the scooter body, NAMI has patented the exact opposite suspension type with its Blast model. It provides more fluent riding and smoother passing over bumps and holes, even at high speeds. The frame is a proven classic design so characteristic of Nami scooters, a piece of aviation-grade aluminum with first-class rigidity and industrial look in matte black finish. However, with the Blast model the manufacturer lowered the scooter’s ground clearance to 270 mm. Why? Coupled with the wide deck and raised rear part, you will enjoy excellent response from under the wheels every time and even better stability when cornering fast. Rigidity also dominates the strong folding joint and the steering rod. At the top of the steering rod you will find a smart LCD panel offering a broad range of functions, such as 5 riding modes, setting of parameters for each of the control units, cruise control and overheating protection system. The scooter is also protected from water (IP65 rating). To be able to ride fast with the Nami Blast and, at the same time, have it firmly under your control, you grab its wide handlebars where the controls, the accelerator thumb lever, as well as brake levers are at your fingertips.



Power and range

You will understand why Nami took good care of comfort at high speeds as soon as you hit an empty road outside the city and push the accelerator lever. The design potential of the Blast model is complemented by its powerful motors. The front and rear motors provide a combined peak power of 4200 W, which is enough for a top speed of up to 85 km/h (depending on the version) on a flat surface. What gets the NAMI Blast one extra point is the fact that (according to the manufacturer) its acceleration matches its stronger sibling – the Burn-E model. To ride like that, the scooter draws energy from a battery containing LG 21700 cells. A 60 V voltage, 29-40 Ah capacity and 1690-2400 Wh energy (depending on the scooter version) will make sure of both respectable speed and range. Under normal riding conditions, you can travel 60 or even 145 km per charge with the Nami Blast, depending on the model type. When you make full use of the battery capacity, just connect it to the charger through one covered port at the front of the deck and wait 5.5-7.5 hours until it is fully charged.



Safety and comfort

The inverted front wheel suspension not only acts as an interesting visual element, but its primary purpose is the functionality. The patented suspension contributes to even better filtering of bumps and holes, which fundamentally improves the ability to control the Nami Blast at high speeds. Comfort and pleasant suspension are further enhanced by 165 mm KKE hydraulic shock absorbers at the front and rear with adjustable stiffness, as well as by 11-inch tubeless road tires. The brakes further add to the overall impression of being an aggressive road scooter. These brakes do not fall behind the rest of the NAMI Blast’s equipment as the manufacturer opted for fully hydraulic Logan disc brakes featuring cooling channels and a 160 mm brake disc. They work in unison with the electronic brake, which means that you will always stop before an obstacle safely and in time.

Speaking about safety, we must not forget the front headlight providing up to 2000 lumens and offering protection from water (IP55). Therefore, you do not have to worry about riding at night in wet conditions. With side LED lights that also serve as turn signals, along with the rear and brake lights, you will always be clearly visible, even when riding a “Batmobile” like the Nami Blast.



Use and practicality

Are your journeys mainly on paved surfaces and do you expect first-class build quality, premium comfort and rocket-like starts from your new electric scooter? If so, NAMI Blast will make all these wishes a reality. It is suitable for daily commuting to work and, thanks to its battery capacity, there is no need to worry about constantly charging it. However, you will appreciate it even more when you go on a long weekend trip where you will not have to deal with folding it, carrying it to an elevator or up the stairs. With its weight of 40 or 48 kg (depending on your version) and dimensions of 133.5, 124.5 and 28.8 cm (length, height, width), it is not a particularly compact scooter. On the other hand, it is one of the most durable scooters since it is completely protected from splashing water (IP55) and has a load capacity of 120 kg.



Our rating

A machine that pleases all fans of fast, yet comfortable and safe trips. Each component of the NAMI Blast has been made for this type of riding. With a medium-sized body and rigid frame, lower chassis, innovative suspension and first-class equipment, you will never have enough of the feeling you will experience in its cockpit. We are already sure that the Nami Blast has all the prerequisites to shuffle the cards in its category and, thanks to its premium build quality, modern components, powerful performance and fresh design elements, it will find its die-hard owners very quickly. We were thrilled by it at first sight. Now it's your turn.





We are a dealer of the NAMI brand for the whole of Central Europe. We provide direct warranty and post-warranty servicing, which takes place at our branches in Prague, Brno and Bratislava. We keep spare parts in stock or we can obtain them quickly from the manufacturer. Therefore, when buying this scooter, you do not have to worry about service or unavailability of spare parts. Being able to contact the manufacturer directly, we can handle difficult repairs or diagnostics.


About the brand

What does NAMI actually mean? It means New Age Mobility Innovation. These four words summarize the NAMI’s ambitions: to design, develop and produce state-of-the-art electric scooters. The NAMI is a personal project by Michael Sha, a former chief designer of electric scooters at Kaabo, a company manufacturing electric scooters, who wishes to change the electric scooter market. According to him, the market mostly lacks innovation and quality control. That is why Michael Sha designed and manufactured his first electric scooter called Burn-E (Viper) in collaboration with an excellent Chinese industrial designer. Despite being a complete newcomer to the world of electromobility, the collaborating designer was able to transform Michael Sha's ideas into reality precisely as imagined. The fact that the Viper started to be manufactured from scratch in a small factory and was almost fully assembled by hand is certainly a unique and unmatched achievement of its kind. Now we may look forward to what other products the NAMI company offers us in the future.

Ease of maintenance
40 kg
1000 W
60 km
85 km/h
City Friendly
Rear light
Front light
Very comfortable
Well foldable
Hydraulic Front Brake
Hydraulic Rear Brake
Rear engine
Front engine
Rear suspension
Front suspension
Extreme power
Data sheet
Specs may differ depending on product configuration. The preset parameters are used in the configuration.
Performance parameters
Feature Value as provided by manufacturer Max Blinker independent measurement Rating
Weight with battery 40 kg depending on configuration from 40 kg to 48 kg Waiting for test
Charging time 5,5 h depending on configuration from 5,5 h to 7,5 h Waiting for test
Max. speed 85 km/h Waiting for test
meta power
1000 W depending on configuration from 1000 W to 1500 W Waiting for test
Peak Power 2000 W depending on configuration from 2000 W to 4200 W Waiting for test
Range 60 km depending on configuration from 60 km to 145 km Waiting for test
Data sheet
Specs may differ depending on product configuration. The preset parameters are used in the configuration.
Other parameters
Feature Value as provided by manufacturer
      Length 133,5 cm  
      Height 124,5 cm  
      Width 28,8 cm  
      Length folded 133,5 cm  
      Battery voltage 60 V  
      Battery capacity 28 Ah depending on configuration: 28 Ah, 40 Ah  
      Battery energy 1680 Wh depending on configuration: 1680 Wh, 2400 Wh  
      Control system finger lever  
      Cruise Control no  
      Speed limiter yes  
      Kick Start yes  
      Drivetrain front and rear drive  
      Front brake disc hydraulic  
      Rear brake disc hydraulic  
      Front wheel type air tubeless  
      Rear wheel type air tubeless  
      Front wheel diameter 11"  
      Rear wheel diameter 11"  
      Suspension front and rear  
      Front suspension KKE hydraulic suspension  
      Rear suspension KKE hydraulic suspension  
      Light front, rear and brake  
      Brake light yes  
      Max. load 120 kg  
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