E-TWOW shoulder strap + carrying handle

E-TWOW shoulder strap + carrying handle

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Shoulder strap with carrying handle for transporting your electric scooter. Made of highly durable nylon, allows carrying electric scooter in your hand or hanging it on your shoulder.
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E-Twow is one of the oldest electric scooter brands in the world. They’ve been producing electric scooters for ten years. It is one of the few brands based in Europe, namely in Germany (near Stuttgart) and also in Romania. The brand was founded by Dr. Sorin Sirbu who continues to personally supervise the production taking place in China (which is also the case with other scooter brands). The amazing thing about E-Twow is that even after ten years they keep pursuing their original goal – to produce the best ultra-light electric city scooters. It is perhaps thanks to the fact that they didn’t get lured into new segments and keep improving their scooters that with each passing year these scooters get always a little better and more reliable. By gradually evolving them, they came up with models that have no competition in the world and are unbeatable in terms of weight / performance / comfort / compactness ratio. They are sold in more than 40 countries and the company also focuses on environmental aspects of its production. We have maintained excellent longterm relationships with E-Twow and we see them working with enthusiasm and conviction to achieve eco-friendly personal electromobility that makes sense.

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