SXT 500 EEC - Facelift


Least powerful model of the group of large and comfortable SXT scooters equipped with a seat. The motor is located inside the wheel and provides 600 W power, which is enough for a top speed of 20 km/h. Large scooter by SXT with a removable seat and proven design that can handle longer trips.


SXT 500 EEC - Facelift

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432 Wh (36 V 12 Ah) Lead-acid
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720 Wh (36 V 20 Ah) LiFePO4
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1080 Wh (36 V 30 Ah) Li-ion
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  • 432 Wh (36 V 12 Ah) Lead-acid
  • 720 Wh (36 V 20 Ah) LiFePO4
  • 1080 Wh (36 V 30 Ah) Li-ion

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A modernized giant among scooters with the motor moved inside the rear wheel (which means no more chain lubrication – this model does not need a chain) and providing 600 W power, which is enough for reaching 20 km/h. It is possible to select from three batteries, based on the desired weight and, in particular, range. The maximum range is 60 km when using 30 Ah Li-ion battery.

This scooter allows very comfortable riding and is equipped with an easily removable seat, which is quite rare. The SXT 500 EEC has huge 11-inch air-filled tires, thanks to which it is truly comfortable and can handle less difficult terrain. It is the rear wheel that is driven and the comfort is thanks to the chassis fitted with double shock absorbers with springs at the front and rear, which brings further improvement over the previous model that had just one shock absorber at the front.



Power and range

The 600 W power is transferred to the rear wheel and is sufficient for reaching a top speed of 20 km/h. The motor is installed directly inside the wheel, thanks to which the power transmission is very efficient and maintenance is minimized. The range heavily depends on the selected battery since the 500 EEC model allows you to choose from three different batteries. They all have the same voltage of 36 V, but that is where the similarities end. The cheapest, but at the same time heaviest, battery providing shortest range is the classic lead-acid battery typically found in cars. It has a capacity of 12 Ah and its stored energy is 432 Wh. The scooter weights 41.2 kg with this battery and its range is about 20 km. The charging time is approximately 8 hours. The more expensive option is to go with the LiFePO4 battery providing 20 Ah capacity and total energy of 720 Wh. It can cover a range of about 40 km and cuts the scooter’s weight to 35.39 kg, i.e. by almost 6 kilograms. However, this comes at the expense of 10-hour charging time as LiFePO4 batteries charge slowly. The most expensive but also the best option is to choose the Li-ion battery with 30 Ah capacity corresponding to 1080 Wh, which charges in 6 hours and allows a range of about 60 km. The scooter’s weight slightly decreases with this battery to 34.55 kg.




The SXT 500 EEC is rated as a comfortable scooter, mainly thanks to its quality chassis. The front and rear wheel are sprung and both wheels come with dual adjustable shock absorbers with a spring. The shock absorber-spring combination provides a very pleasant ride, further assisted by large 11-inch air-filled tires. Thanks to the lowly installed battery, the scooter’s center of gravity is low and that is why it rides well and behaves pleasantly. The seat is height-adjustable, ensures good stability and seating and definitely belongs to the category of more comfortable seats. Moreover, it can be quickly removed, if necessary. The comfort and good feeling are enhanced further by the fact that the scooter features two disc brakes. Naturally, all this comfort, suspension, large battery and brakes must weigh something, which is why riders have to tolerate greater weight reaching between 34.55 kg and 41.2 kg, depending on the chosen battery. Such weight disqualifies this scooter from the category of light scooters. For instance, it is no pleasant experience having to lift and carry this scooter. It is better to have two people do it. The scooter is controlled by a gas handle similar to a motorcycle or a quad. This model is equipped with a display showing the speed and battery status. It also features cruise control that makes longer trips more pleasant.



When it comes to safety, the SXT 500 EEC is well equipped. The two mechanical disc brakes easily stop the scooter in each situation. Large tires ensure good traction in less difficult terrain. However, they feel at home on asphalt. The chassis comprises a total of four shock absorbers with springs maintaining good grip even when riding fast on a poor surface or in less difficult terrain, contributing not only to comfort but, in particular, to effective braking. The scooter comes with an adjustable LED light at the front and a rear light combined with brake light. The scooter features a mechanical key, without which it is not possible to start the scooter up. Included in the price are the rear view mirrors and reflectors improving scooter’s visibility. The rider has an easily accessible horn that is noisy enough and you can use it to alert people of your presence, if necessary. The low top speed is another factor contributing to safety, reducing the risk of a rider getting himself/herself into a dangerous situation.


Use and practicality

This is one of the heaviest scooters in our portfolio and that is why it is not possible to describe it as easily portable. So, be prepared that this scooter usually requires two people to carry it as its weight reaches 34.55 kg - 41.2 kg and is definitely not negligible. It is possible to fold the steering column and remove the seat, but even after doing so the scooter remains rather large and you will need a big trunk to transport it. However, if this is not a major problem for you and if you do not plan to travel with the scooter often, it will reward you with excellent comfort and decent range. If you’ll keep it in a garage or in a cottage, you will not want to travel around otherwise than on this scooter. Whether taking a trip to a meadow or a field, or just visiting a grocery store or a restaurant, you will always arrive with a smile on your face, comfortably, quietly and without emissions. When riding the SXT 500 EEC, you will only hear the buzzing of the electric motor. Naturally, the scooter’s main advantage is its seat. This model will serve well the people suffering health problems (such as knee pain) who wish to maintain high mobility within a city and its wider surroundings. Thanks to its motor integrated inside the wheel, there is no need to take care of the chain and the scooter’s operation is less demanding and quieter than with models using a chain.


Our rating

The models equipped with a seat make some people smile or even shake their heads in disbelief. We’ve been selling them for several years already and must say that they have established a relatively diverse customer base, becoming ever more popular. They allow taking longer trips in greater comfort and are also suitable for people suffering from minor health limitations, such as knee or hip pain.

By choosing the right battery, you can configure this scooter to suit your needs and budget. This model is also suitable to be used by businesses as a convenient and environmentally-friendly mode of transport between workstations or by security personnel for nightly patrols across larger buildings or company grounds. At the end of security patrol, just plug the scooter to a charger and shortly it is ready again for the next ride, making patrolling much faster and more thorough than on foot.

Another customer group for this model are the people having difficulty walking or who can no longer walk over long distances, such as when paying visits to friends or going shopping. This is a great gift for your grandparents or to be used when you stay at your cottage. Such use is also possible thanks to the pleasantly wide seat and the scooter’s overall ease-of-use. If you are not afraid of slightly higher speeds, take a look at the 1000 XL EEC - facelift model which, for a little higher price, offers similar parameters, speeds of up to 40 km/h and a 48 V battery (compared to 36 V in the 500 EEC model).



We are largest authorized importer and dealer of the SXT brand in Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary and Ukraine. We provide direct warranty and post-warranty servicing, which is arranged at our stores in Prague, Brno, Bratislava and Uzhhorod. We keep most spare parts in stock and we are the certified provider of warranty and post-warranty repairs. Therefore, when buying this scooter, you do not have to worry about servicing or unavailability of spare parts. Thanks to representing the manufacturer directly, we can handle difficult repairs or diagnostics.


About the brand

Established in 2005, the SXT is one of the oldest electric scooter brands in the world. It is one of just few brands based in Europe, namely in Germany close to the southern border with Switzerland. The SXT headquarters is in the German city of Rheinfelden where the sales department, design team and the central service shop and warehouse are located in the company-owned building spanning total area of over 3 000 m2. The SXT’s strategy is to establish local representations so that customers always have at hand the advice and service in their own region and local language and do not have to solve every issue remotely via the Internet. Voltride is the largest representation of this kind in Central Europe, operating a network of stores in Bratislava, Prague, Brno, Uzhhorod and also an e-shop in Hungary. The production itself takes place in 9 factories located in China that have been carefully selected by SXT to provide high standard and quality of production. They manufacture more than 10 million units per year. SXT ensures regular inspection and presence in the production process so that the high demands are met, as required by SXT from its suppliers. All SXT products meet the European standards (such as CE, ROHS, IQC, IPQC and FQC) and are regularly checked by internal audits so that you can rest assured that by buying genuine SXT products you get a high quality scooter. SXT warrants it by its own name. Voltride only offers genuine SXT products coming from the European central warehouse, which is why we are able to guarantee their originality. We have established good relationships directly with the SXT owner and we often visit the company in person. That is why we can confirm that in our own experience the SXT brand is serious about personal electromobility and believes in the future of this mode of transport with the same passion and enthusiasm as we believe ourselves.


Comparison of large SXT scooters with a seat

Parameter 500 EEC - Facelift 1000 Turbo 1000 XL EEC - Facelift SXT 1600 XL SXT Monster
Top speed 20 km/h 32 km/h 40 km/h 55 km/h 50 - 60 km/h
Motor power 600 W 1000 W 1350 W 1600 W 2000 - 3000 W
Weight 35 - 41 kg 35 - 42 kg 40 - 48 kg 39 - 48 kg 47 - 55 kg
Range 20 - 60 km 20 - 60 km 20 - 60 km 20 - 60 km 25 - 65 km
Battery voltage 36 V 36 V 48 V 48 V 48 V
Battery energy 432 - 1080 Wh 432 - 1080 Wh 576 - 1440 Wh 576 - 1440 Wh 576 - 1440 Wh
Chassis 4x shock absorber with spring 3x shock absorber with spring 4x shock absorber with spring 3x shock absorber with spring 4x shock absorber
Tires 11-inch 10-inch 11-inch 11-inch 14.5-inch
Cruise control yes no yes no no
Display yes no yes no no
Max. load 120 kg 120 kg 120 kg 120 kg 140 kg
Rearview mirrors yes charged extra yes charged extra yes
Power transfer in-wheel motor chain in-wheel motor chain chain
Ease of maintenance
34,55 kg
600 W
60 km
20 km/h
Rear light
Front light
Air wheels
Multiple colors
Very comfortable
Well foldable
Front brake
Rear brake
Rear engine
Rear suspension
Front suspension
High reliability
Removable seat
Cruise controll
Zero start
Data sheet
Specs may differ depending on product configuration. The preset parameters are used in the configuration.
Performance parameters
Feature Value as provided by manufacturer Max Blinker independent measurement Rating
Weight with battery 34,55 kg depending on configuration from 34,55 kg to 41,2 kg Waiting for test
Charging time 6 h depending on configuration from 6 h to 10 h Waiting for test
Max. speed 20 km/h Waiting for test
meta power
600 W Waiting for test
Range 60 km depending on configuration from 20 km to 60 km Waiting for test
Data sheet
Specs may differ depending on product configuration. The preset parameters are used in the configuration.
Other parameters
Feature Value as provided by manufacturer
      Length 120 cm  
      Height 110 cm  
      Width 62 cm  
      Length folded 120 cm  
      Height folded 60 cm  
      Width folded 62 cm  
      Ground clearance 13 cm  
      Engine type brushless (BLDC) in the wheel  
      Battery type Li-Ion depending on configuration: Lead Acid, Li-Ion, LiFePO4  
      Battery voltage 36 V  
      Battery capacity 30 Ah depending on configuration: 12 Ah, 20 Ah, 30 Ah  
      Battery energy 1080 Wh depending on configuration: 432 Wh, 720 Wh, 1080 Wh  
      Recuperation no  
      Control system turn handle  
      Cruise Control yes  
      Speed limiter no  
      Kick Start no  
      Drivetrain rear drive  
      Front brake disc mechanical  
      Rear brake disc mechanical  
      Front wheel type air inner tube  
      Rear wheel type air inner tube  
      Front wheel diameter 11"  
      Rear wheel diameter 11"  
      Suspension front and rear  
      Front suspension double hydraulic damper + spring  
      Rear suspension double hydraulic damper + spring  
      Light front, rear and brake  
      Brake light yes  
      Colors white, black  
      Max. load 120 kg  
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